“The atmosphere racing indoors is absolutely amazing!”

Standing in 3rd position overall after two rounds, “Rookie” Billy BOLT (GB – Husqvarna) is THE surprise of this start of season. During this month and a half break, we had a chat with the Brit about his first steps into the discipline and his goals for this future…


Hello Billy, as a newcomer this season, tell us more about you?
Billy BOLT:
So, I’m Billy Bolt, I’m 20 years old, from Newcastle in the United Kingdom. I have been racing enduro for the last two years. Prior to that, I was competing in trial since the age of 6. Enduro is still pretty new to me but I am working hard going fast and having fun!

Why did you choose to race in SuperEnduro?
: “Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of SuperEnduro. So, when the opportunity came available it was a only natural I jumped at it. I think it is a very exciting discipline, one which is very easy and exciting for spectators and one which I enjoy a lot. The atmosphere racing indoors is absolutely amazing!

“Things can change crazy fast in this sport!”

Coming in Krakow, did you expect to be that competitive so early in the season?
: “Well, I was confident in my riding and knew that if things went well I could challenge for the top positions. I was a little surprised how well it did go… You know, all of the other guys have many years of experience, at specifically this kind of racing, so to be battling with them in my first ever race felt pretty cool!”


Where do you need to improve to finish on top of the box before the end of the year?
“For sure my consistency needs to improve and also my fitness a little… but I am confident that both of these things come with experience and being in the racing environment. I am working hard and have a very good team of people around me so there is no reason at all why these targets can’t be met…

What are your expectations for this very first season?
: “I just want to continue to take each race one step at a time and not get carried away with myself. Yes we are in a good position at the moment but things can change crazy fast in this sport! I want to keep improving, keep learning and battling hard. I’m enjoying every second of these races and can’t wait for the next one. See you all in Malaga!

Billy BOLT Digest

Name: BOLT
Surname: Billy
Place of Birth: Wallsend
Date of Birth: August, 17th 1997
Bike: Husqvarna 350FE
Race Number: 57
Prize List:
2016: 5th Ezbergrodeo
2017: British Extreme Enduro Champion – 7th Erzbergrodeo