WALKER in the lead!

With a very technical track, we felt that the Akrapovic Super Pole at the AMV Seguros Grand Prix of Euskadi was going to be even more exciting than usual! The 5,000 spectators in the Bizkaia Arena were able to revel in an exceptional battle between the three main Prestige protagonists: Colton HAAKER (USA - Husqvarna), Alfredo GOMEZ (E - KTM) and Jonny WALKER (GB - KTM)!!

And of these three top riders Jonny WALKER was the most impressive! The Factory KTM rider set the benchmark, being the only one to set a time under 43 seconds: 42''260. And in WALKER’s duel with HAAKER to become the fastest rider in the round, he was able to take advantage of the consistent pace set by his teammate GOMEZ on this type of technical circuit, giving him two points advantage ahead of the final... Indeed, the Spaniard took second place ahead of the Californian by just point three of a second (43''366 vs 43''693).
In addition to the two KTM Factory riders and the 2016 World Champion, the Basque public also saw Mario ROMAN (E - Sherco), Manuel LETTENBICHLER (D - KTM), Pascal RAUCHENECKER (AUT - Husqvarna) and the local surprise Jose Maria JUAN BERNABEAU (E - Beta) - who was impressive last year in the final in the Las Rozas Arena in Madrid - in the Super Pole powered by Akrapovic.

With his second Akrapovic Super Pole win of this season, WALKER is leading in the standings ahead of HAAKER just before the final round in Albi. And while GOMEZ, it seems, is already out of the race to win the € 1,500 prize money offered by Akrapovic Exhaust, he could still play an important role in the final Super Pole of the season depending on his placement! It’s an exciting prospect ahead of the grand finale in Parc des Expositions in Albi on March 18th!
WALKER or HAAKER… place your bets!

Tickets for the final in Albi are on sale at: Francebillets, superenduro.org, Leclerc Portes d'Albi and Ticketmaster!!

Provisional Classification: 1. Jonny WALKER 8 pts; 2. Colton HAAKER 6 pts; 3. Alfredo GOMEZ 3 pts; 4. Taddy BLAZUSIAK 1 pts…