ABC Communication Launches EnduroTV!

With the emergence of new means of communication and the growing importance of social media, ABC Communication, promoters of SuperEnduro and EnduroGP, have just created their own OTT (Over the Top) channel...

In order to broaden the visibility of these two Championships, ABC Communication, through Bastien BLANCHARD in collaboration with Freecaster, has decided to launch their own pay-TV channel via the web sites of the two Championships: and !
Freecaster is a well-known company in setting up OTT channels; for instance they have worked with Youthstream to create the MXGP channel.

Thanks to EnduroTV, all fans of the sport will be able to have access to the TV content provided by ABC Communication and the camera crew from Vigneau & Co, every Grand Prix weekend. Infact, in SuperEnduro, with the introduction of Live TV coverage for each of the five rounds of the season, fans will be able to enjoy 2 hours of live action on the evening of the event, as well as a 26 minute summary afterwards.
In the EnduroGP, viewers will be able to see every race review (26 minutes each) throughout the season, as well as the season review at the end of the year.

Bastien BLANCHARD: “This is a huge investment for ABC Communication. The availability of internet coverage, especially via smartphones and tablets, has become more and more crucial. In order to improve the image of our two Championships and to increase the interest in our captivating and exciting sport from the general public, we have decided to create our own TV channel. This will further open the potential of more viewers for a sport that will benefit from much better visibility…

With "EnduroTV", ABC Communication gives the public the chance to get even closer to the action and the opportunity to follow the SuperEnduro and EnduroGP more easily from any location. Packages will be available to purchase from Monday, December 4. 

Join us soon on or to keep track of these exciting, action-packed championships. 

1 Live SuperEnduro : 9.99€
Pack: 5 Live SuperEnduros : 29.99€
Super Pack: 5 Live SuperEnduros + 8 EnduroGP magazine programmes: 49.99€