Two HERRERAS Are Better Than One…

After a reasonably successful stint in three SuperEnduro Grand Prix (Argentina, Czech Republic, Spain) last year, Benjamin HERRERA (CL - TM) has confirmed his participation in four GP of the 2017 SuperEnduro season. In his suitcase he will also bring his little brother, Diego HERRERA (CL - TM)!

The elder of the two brothers was impressive in Pinamar (Argentina), where he won two of three races, but he was unable to continue his form into Europe after some unlucky results. Benjamin HERRERA therefore will return to the Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship to give it another shot.
TM have been helped by the German importer for this project, and the team will be known as Lowo TM Racing Germany (well known in the SEWC paddock since they supported Kornel NEMETH (H) in 2016). The Chilean will clearly be one of the Juniors to keep an eye on!
For his part, younger brother Diego has never entered a SuperEnduro race, but he has plenty of experience in Enduro as he participated in EnduroGP’s 125cc FIM Youth Cup class in 2013 and 2015. Aged just 20, this first season will be a learning year for him, before perhaps aiming for the Junior title down the line. 

Team Lowo TM Racing Germany also announced they will bring a Prestige rider,  but we still do not know the identity of this ‘mystery rider’. Could we see the return of Hungary’s NEMETH on the starting grid this season?

The arrival of the two HERRERA brothers to SuperEnduro proves the increasing interest in this specialist sport. It is a championship that continues to grow, and has always garnered a lot of interest in South America. And above all it indicates that we will have some good races in Junior category - which, of course, is THE class for stars of the future!

Benjamin HERRERA (CL - TM)